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Plastic Utensils

Made of the polystyrene of high resistance that is washable and re-usable. The durable plastic will not be broken whereas it is used, these plastic spoons, are available in the this colors shining, green, white, red, blue, yellow.

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Home Products

We counted on  the highest quality of products, for its home, plastic fact of high resistance, counted  from hooks, recogedores, and buckets for diverse uses.

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For your industry that requires of top standars of quality, resistance and in its products of plastics; we have bases for pallet, pallet, containers, and buckets that are excellent for the filling of chemicals. Our industrial products, are excellently well designed and constructed, offering a high resistance to impacts and durability for any type of application, that you require.

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Renewable energy

It is named a renewable energy to the energy that is obtained of natural virtually inexhaustible sources, some by the immense quantity of energy that they contain, and others because they are capable of being regenerated by natural means. The renewable energies have constituted an important part of the energy used by the human beings from remote times, especially the solar, the wind one and the hydraulics.

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  Power by Raramuri System